We assume that Trump still wants to become president. But maybe not!

Dear Donald Trump:

Your goal now is to drain the swamp of American politics, and we have a plan.
Washington DC is corrupt and sinking into the swamp of pork barrel and payola.
The nation cannot tolerate a new term of corrupt government!
Non Generation Movement (NGM) is committed to promoting a TAX REVOLT for this purpose. This revolt will also financially benefit the middle class and working poor.
NGM agrees with you Donald that this election is the best opportunity to clean up the system, to negate an election that is rigged – rigged via big money buying influence, via ficticious voter registration, and via disenfranchised homeless and other disadvantaged groups.
The wealthy have huge tax write-offs such as “depreciation.” Our author, Dr. Chris Tingle, has a new book coming out November 8; “How to Pay no Taxes; the middle class tax revolt.”
NGA produces a range of resources which combine fiction and factual journalism to motivate political responses from our readers. We currently have two new eBooks available from Dr. Chris Tingle, “Hillary H+ vs. Non Generation,” and “Disenfranchisement.”
These two Tingle ebooks explain why the swamp needs to be drained.
Take advantage of this offer now. These books are available free by clicking the secure Amazon links below over the next two days – or more.
Hillary H+ vs, Non Generation:   https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MA4956Q
If you don’t have a kindle Ereader; when you go to the Amazon page a free Ereader is offered. Install it before clicking on the book.
Then, after this installation completes download your free eBooks.

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